Your Safety Copilot

Imagine conducting risk assessments in far less time. Imagine having the best engineer in the room every single time. Imagine always delivering high-quality, consistent risk assessments. HAZOP AI will make this possible.

Due to high demand, we are not currently offering demos of HAZOP AI. Please watch the video and contact us if you have any questions.

Supercharge your HAZOPs with AI

The true power of HAZOP AI lies not just in what our prototype can do, but in what it can become. We envision HAZOP AI not as a one-size-fits-all product, but as a bespoke tool tailored to your unique requirements, using your process safety data.

Welcome to the future of HAZOP. Welcome to HAZOP AI.

How it works

Partner with us to build a better product

At Salus Technical, we believe in partnerships that drive innovation and progress. Our goal is to collaborate with you to refine and enhance HAZOP AI, building a product that aligns perfectly with your needs.

We want to work with you to integrate your data into HAZOP AI, creating a tool that learns from your unique safety data and incidents to provide even more relevant and valuable insights. With your partnership, HAZOP AI can evolve from a promising prototype into a potent tool that prevents major accidents, safeguards assets, and saves lives.

This is your opportunity to play an active role in the development of a game-changing tool in process safety. Together, we can turn the promise of HAZOP AI into a reality, creating a product that supercharges your HAZOP processes and empowers your engineers.

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Transform your HAZOP process

Just as the microprocessor revolutionized computing, AI is poised to transform process safety. As Bill Gates said in 2023:

"The development of AI is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor,
the personal computer, the internet, and the mobile phone."

With HAZOP AI, we aim to deliver this transformation directly to your engineering team. Our safety copilot is like having the best engineer in the room, every time. It's about enhancing the role of your engineers, not replacing them.HAZOP AI will be engineered to reduce the time taken to HAZOP by 50%, while simultaneously increasing quality and consistency. This is the AI revolution in process safety.

A Proactive Approach to HAZOP

In the future with HAZOP AI, you will be able to:

  • Pre-populate HAZOP worksheets

  • Generate terms of reference

  • Extract info from P&IDs and other documents

  • Identify creeping change risks

  • Be told what you may have missed from a completed HAZOP

During the risk assessment, HAZOP AI will guide attendees, informing them of related safety incidents, good practices, and more. It even assists in the closeout of a risk assessment, highlighting potential hazards missed and comparing findings to other reports.

Why choose Salus Technical?

When you choose to partner with Salus Technical, you're choosing a company with a wealth of experience in Process Safety, software development, and AI technology. We've successfully brought two software products to market already, and now we're ready to deliver a fully functioning safety copilot for your organization within six months.Join the ranks of our esteemed customers, including...

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